10 Best Things About Being Pregnant In The Summer

10 Best Things About Being Pregnant In The Summer

Sun, sea and sand… but are the summer months really all they’re cracked up to be, if you’re pregnant?

Or does that burgeoning bump get in the way of your summer fun?

Well, fear not. A summer pregnancy can be a beautiful thing – albeit a little sweaty.

You’ll avoid the many downsides of a winter pregnancy, including ‘mission impossible’, also known as finding a flattering maternity winter coat.

Or trying to walk down an icy street without morphing into a heavily pregnant Bambi. Or forcing yourself to stay active when all you really want to do is snuggle under a blanket and drink hot chocolate.

Not only that, you’ll get to enjoy the plentiful benefits of a summer pregnancy. The summer months are a great time to be pregnant.

10 Best Things About Being Pregnant In The Summer

Warmer weather and lighter evenings are known to lift the mood, and there’s no better time to enjoy that than during pregnancy.

Make the most of your summer, even if it’s a scorcher, and focus on all the good points of being pregnant in the heat.

Here are just 10 of them:

#1: Flip Flops

No need to force your unusually chubby feet into a pair of trainers, or to perform all manner of lunges, stretches and squats as you attempt to tie the laces. Heck, no! Just slip your feet into a pair of flip flops.

No stress, no strain, and no crying by the front door because you’re late for work and can’t fasten your own darn shoes. You won’t have to waddle to work with untied laces, and hope a kind stranger will take pity on you and offer to tie them.

Socially acceptable summer footwear, with no bending required – it doesn’t get better than that. Of course, you see plenty of pregnant women wearing flip flops in winter, out of desperation. But they get very cold toes. Yours will be warm even on the coolest of summer days.

#2: You Can Get Away With Wearing Only Knickers

In the house, that is. Don’t try it in the street, or at work. Sorry, but being pregnant doesn’t exempt you from all of society’s rules.

But it’s totally fine for you to wear only knickers at home. It’s much too hot for clothes. And nobody wants to wear bras in the heat – least of all pregnant women. An added bonus of no restrictive clothes is reducing your chances of vaginal thrush.

Strip off as soon as you close the front door behind you. Leave your pile of abandoned clothes by the door as a tip-off for your partner (you don’t want to scare him with the unexpected sight of a heavily pregnant nude fanning herself with the fridge door) and then enjoy the rest of your day in the buff.

#3: All Those Maternity Maxi Dresses

Finally, you can be like the pregnant women in the movies – the ones with long flowing dresses, perfect hair, and glowing complexions. This is your moment. It’s summer. Go get yourself some maxi dresses.

The constant sweating will provide the glow. Good luck with the hair though. When summer is humid, it makes perfect hair the impossible dream.

Maxi dresses have the added bonus of hiding your hairy legs and gnarly unpainted toenails from view, which makes them the ultimate in summer maternity fashion.

There’ll be no need to worry about how the bottom half of you looks – you haven’t seen it since you got a bump, anyway. And now the rest of the world won’t see it either.

#4: Long Days And Good Weather Are Perfect For Walks

Staying active during pregnancy will help you maintain a healthy weight, stay fit for the birth and can be good for your mental health. A brisk half hour walk each day is all it takes – and that’s especially easy to manage during the summer months.

The light evenings and long days mean you have plenty of time to fill with walks. And the pleasant weather will make walking all the more enjoyable.

Why not make a habit of taking an evening walk with your partner after work each day? You’ll have time away from the television and other screens, and a chance to chat and enjoy each other’s company.

#5: Sunglasses Hide A Multitude Of Sins

Actually, not sins. Naps. Sunglasses hide a multitude of naps. Can’t keep your eyes open during that boring work meeting? Now you don’t need to. It’s summer. Just pop those sunglasses on and take a nap. If your colleagues figure out what you’re doing, simply remind them that you are pregnant.

Say it in a very stressed voice and they will probably just leave you alone. Warning: they might mutter among themselves about you being ‘hormonal’, but just ignore them and take another nap.

You might be interested in reading 10 Times It’s OK To Nap When You’re Pregnant.

#6: You Can Eat Lots Of Ice Lollies

Now, obviously, you can eat whatever the heck you want, and whenever you want, because you’re pregnant, and anyone who stands between you and food is just asking for trouble.

Being pregnant in the summer, though, make it less likely you’ll have to endure repeated comments about all the ice lollies you’re eating. It’s hot. You can eat as many ice lollies as you want. You’re just cooling down.

In the interests of not overloading on refined sugar while pregnant, try making your own ice lollies or ice pops, using pureed fruit, yoghurt, or coconut water.

#7: All That Vitamin D

Sunny weather provides you with plenty of opportunities to soak up some much needed vitamin D. So, get yourself outside and make the most of the good weather – for your baby’s health, of course.

You can’t stay indoors tidying up or working right now; you really need to lie outdoors, and enjoy the good weather. Maybe read a magazine or take a nap. For the baby.

#8: You Can Take A Break

If it’s summer, that must mean it’s time for a holiday. Take this opportunity to enjoy some alone time with your partner, because you won’t get much quality time during the newborn days. You’ll be so focused on taking care of your baby, you won’t have time for much in the way of romance.

Create some beautiful memories together now, to tide you over for the next few months. The good weather means you won’t have to travel far for the relaxing poolside holiday you both deserve.

#9: It’s Salad Season

Summer is the perfect time for fresh produce, crisp salads and ripe fruits. The hot weather will make those juicy fresh fruits and vegetables all the more appetising.

Many people find it easier to eat healthily during the summer, rather than in the colder months associated with comfort foods and lazy evenings on the sofa.

Exploit the summer health kick and make sure your developing baby is getting all the nutrients he needs, while increasing the chances he’ll like vegetables when he’s older.

#10: People Will Bring You Fans

As the pregnant person on a hot day, people will bring you a variety of cooling appliances. Your coworkers will wheel huge fans over to you. Your partner will hold a small battery-powered fan by your face in the evenings. Friends and family will sit you next to their air conditioning.

Everyone you meet will try to cool you down in some way, as though you were a beached whale they are desperately trying to keep alive. Enjoy it. Pretty soon, you will be dethroned by your own baby, so make the most of being the centre of attention while you can.

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