Underwater Pregnancy Photography – 8 Stunning Photos

Underwater Pregnancy Photography - 8 Stunning Photos

Swimming is a great pregnancy exercise, and photography is a great pregnancy keepsake. Why not combine the two? You’ll save yourself some time, and get some breath-taking maternity photographs while you’re at it!

The buoyancy of the water will allow you to move weightlessly and get into fun and striking positions. The photographs will be able to capture your pregnant body in all its wonder.

Need some underwater pregnancy photography inspiration? BellyBelly is here to help!

Stunning Underwater Pregnancy Photography

Here are 8 stunning underwater pregnancy photographs:

Underwater Pregnancy Photography - 8 Stunning Photos

This stunning photograph by Zorz Studios is deep, dark and mysterious. The unusual and beautiful crown, coupled with the ankle-length black lace dress create a very striking look. As the woman floats, suspended, her bump showing through the lace material, the water surrounding her is dark and filled with movement.

Underwater Pregnancy Photography - 8 Stunning Photos

This photograph by Memories Aquatic is absolutely perfect. The pregnant woman looks almost weightless as she floats, suspended, close to the water’s surface. The blue sky can be seen creeping into shot, merging with the beautiful turquoise blue colour of the sea. Beneath her feet, the sea bed ripples into the distance, catching the vibrant colours of the sea and sky as it goes.

Underwater Pregnancy Photography - 8 Stunning Photos

This beautiful image by Kevin Beasley Photography feels almost magical. The pregnant model, her back arched, raising her bump to the surface of the water, as if by magic, appears to be calm, still and almost lifeless. Around her, the vibrant blue water of the swimming pool provides vibrant colours, movement, texture and reflection to this unusual image. The side of the pool itself looks to be old and in a state of disrepair, adding to the beauty of this image.

Underwater Pregnancy Photography - 8 Stunning Photos
Sprout Photography snapped this sweet photograph. This photo is simple, unusual and very sweet, and shows the beauty of an expectant mother.

The mother, sitting on the pool floor, looks to be happy and contented as the photographer captures her growing bump.

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