Coconut Oil – 5 Great Uses For Coconut Oil For Your Baby

Coconut Oil - 5 Great Uses For Coconut Oil For Your Baby

Your newborn baby is the most precious thing in the whole world to you (or one of, if you have more kids).

You worry about everything from hot drinks, stray dogs, sunburn. You name, you worry about it.

If you’ve read the ingredients on the bottles of baby lotions and creams, then you’re probably worried about chemicals too.

Coconut Oil – 5 Great Uses For Coconut Oil For Your Baby

Not only is your baby’s skin sensitive to toxic chemicals but the effects on the environment are now well known.

You can replace many of your store bought baby products with a natural, chemical-free alternative that you might have in your kitchen cupboard.

Coconut oil is gaining huge momentum worldwide for being a super oil, containing anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Not only will coconut oil save you money, it will be better for the planet and better for your baby’s skin.

Here are 5 ways to use coconut oil on your baby:

#1: Nappy Rash Cream

Coconut oil is the perfect way to treat nappy rash naturally. There’s no risk of it making the rash worse, because it’s not full of chemicals like some store bought nappy rash creams.

All you need to do is apply coconut oil to the affected area. The thick oil acts as a barrier and prevents any further irritation, and the coconut oil will nourish and treat the irritated skin.

Coconut oil has antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties which help the skin to heal. It contains lauric acid (also found in breast milk) which acts on bacterial and fungal infections.

Another added bonus is that coconut oil will not ruin cloth nappies, unlike some other nappy rash treatments.

#2: Body Lotion

Your baby’s skin is probably soft enough without you needing to cover him in any lotions or creams, but if your baby skin does get dry, coconut oil is the perfect natural moisturiser.

For example, some babies suffer dry patches in the creases of their neck, a quick dab of coconut oil will help to keep the area moisturised while protecting the skin from further irritation.

#3: Baby Wash

Babies can get very messy, particularly when eating, especially if you’re following baby led weaning!

Instead of using chemicals to clean your baby, you can make this easy homemade baby wash. All you need is equal parts coconut oil, castile soap (you can buy organic, chemical-free castile soap) and water.

Mix the ingredients together and voila. The coconut oil has a delicious natural scent so you don’t have to add any essential oils as fragrance (unless you want to).

You don’t need to use baby wash every time you bath your baby, but on the occasions you do need it, this homemade wash is a great product to use.

#4: Cradle Cap Treatment

Coconut oil can be used as a natural treatment for cradle cap. All you need to do is massage the oil directly onto your baby’s scalp and leave for about 20 minutes.

The coconut oil acts as a moisturiser and loosens the cradle cap flakes while nourishing the scalp. After twenty minutes, rinse the coconut oil off and use a soft brush to gently comb the hair and remove any loose flakes.

Check out our article Cradle Cap And Cradle Cap Treatment for more information. 

#5: Baby Massage Oil

We’ve all heard about the benefits of baby massage. If you haven’t, check out Baby Massage – 7 Amazing Benefits For Your Baby.

As well as strengthening the bond between parent and baby, the massaging can also relax baby in time for bed. Some baby massage oils are actually made from petroleum which isn’t something many mamas would knowingly rub onto their newborn’s skin.

To make your own natural baby massage cream, simply take one part coconut oil and one part olive oil, mix together. If you wish add two drops lavender oil to aid relaxation.

Make sure you choose extra virgin coconut oil because this means it is as pure as possible. Other coconut oils may have been bleached or refined, adding in chemicals and taking out goodness along the way.

Choosing organic coconut oil will further protect your baby from chemicals, and will be good for the planet too! Oh and mamas, if you’re breastfeeding and use coconut oil in your cooking or consume it any other way, baby gets the benefits too.

Where to buy it? Most supermarkets now stock coconut oil, otherwise look in your health food store or heck out extra virgin coconut oilCoconut Oil - 5 Great Uses For Coconut Oil For Your Baby on Amazon.

Want to read more about the amazing benefits of coconut oil? Check out the coconut research center website.

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  1. I assume that the coconut oil would have to be used in its liquid form for the applications described in this article, and was wondering if there was a way to keep it in its liquid state or a way to turn it to liquid quickly besides having to heat it up on the stove everytime? Thanks so much for this informative article!

    1. Coconut oil will turn to liquid just buy rubbing it between your hands. Also putting it in a bowl in mixing it around will liquify it, or if you choose use an electronic device. There really isn’t a need to warm it up on the stove. I use it for everything! Even rinsing my mouth with it in the morning, for it whitens teeth and helps aid all the bad stuff in there. Hope this helps!

    2. As far as I know, you don’t want to heat up coconut oil if you want to apply it topically because heating it up will destroy the nutrients. Just scoop out the amount you need, then stir it in your mixture or apply it to skin with your fingers and it will liquify. Hope this helps.

      1. Coconut oil is actually the only oil that doesn’t break down when heated so technically you can heat it and retain all the nutrients – however you don’t need to heat it for topical use – rub it between your palms and you’re good!

      2. Coconut oil is very resilient to heat. Use it instead of refined vegetable oils for cooking, If you don’t care for the flavor or prefer a liquid state use MCT oil. (it is also from coconuts)

  2. Yes coconut oil act like magic cos I have been using it on my baby and the result is awsome and the good thing is that my coconut oil is made by me at home. I think all mom should try it.

    1. So when you put it on your baby as a lotion, do you have to wash it off? Does it get kind of sticky? Sorry I have never used it on my baby and going to try it on his dry skin as soon as my online order arrives. Thank you!

  3. Hi, would you need to do a hot wash on your nappies to remove the coconut oil from them? Or will a cold wash suffice?

  4. I just started using virgin coconut oil on my 3 month old baby and even though I dont really like the smell it’s working because she had a mild touch of eczema. I was concern that it would mess up her clothes and leave oil stains but surprisingly it didn’t. I would recommend it 100%

    1. Hi
      My three month baby got red patches on his forehead. He always rub the skin and cry. Do you use it before bath or after bath. Can you please explain.

  5. Hello, just quick question i just want ask how many times a day, i can use the coconut oil to my 3 months old baby’s skin, because she has bad eczema. Or any tip will do? Thanks for all your help.

    1. You may use VCO for acne. It is actually good, and can really help kill the bacteria of acne prone skin. Only choose a good quality VCO when you do so. And hope it works well for you :))

    1. Yes, you may. But VCO is already good, why mix it with other stuff? Also, when you mix chemical to non-chemical agent, the non-chemical agent might loose some of its nutrients..

  6. Can i put coconut oil on My 1month and 2weeks old baby..? She has her skin dry after some type of acne she had for almost a week.

  7. I am so confused lol I have organic unrefined coconut oil i got this off the cooking aisle, is this the right type of oil i can use on her hair? is coconut oil different from the cooking coconut oil

  8. My 3 month baby suffering from eczema so I want to try coconut oil but some people says coconut oil is cool for baby .does heating of oil destroy its benefit?

    1. My wife uses baby coconut oil. you can get it on amazon or Its great. We even use it some times for our skin. Its organic also.

  9. Can I use coconut oil (EV) with 1 drop of lavender on my baby’s skin (back of neck & temples) at bed time to help relax?

  10. can i use virgin coconut oil on my 4month old baby’s hair? does it help for hair growth? i want my baby to have thick hair. thankyou

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