11 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body and Your Baby

11 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms and Your Baby

When you’re 11 weeks pregnant, you may be feeling a little less tired and if you aren’t suffering from severe morning sickness, your appetite might be returning.

Don’t forget that you are nourishing yourself and creating a human being, so choose the most nutritious foods possible and avoid binging on high-sugar processed foods.

Traditionally most women wait until 12 weeks before announcing they are pregnant. The most common reason to wait is because your risk of miscarriage decreases after the first trimester and many women feel concerned about letting everyone know about their pregnancy in case something goes wrong.

It can be an emotional time if you have experienced previous miscarriages and having support may be something you need. There is no reason you can’t announce your pregnancy earlier, if you would prefer to share your news and have the support of family and friends sooner rather than later.

Announcing your pregnancy to the world is an exciting time! You get to reveal your secret to family and friends – some may already have their suspicions!

Some couples like to keep things quiet and low key when letting people in on the news and others get very creative.

For some ideas on how to announce your pregnancy, check out Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – 7 Creative Videos.

If you are apprehensive of how your news will be received, maybe this article would be useful to share!

How is your partner coping with all the changes you are experiencing? The first trimester can be a rough time for you and your partner, as he might be trying to support you without really understanding what is happening to you. Take time to check in with each other and connect, so you are sharing your pregnancy on a personal level from both perspectives.

If you haven’t decided on where you are having your baby, now is a good time to explore your options, making sure you feel confident that your birth place and care provider support your vision for birth.

BellyBelly’s article Public, Private, Birth Centre or Home? has lots of useful information on birth choices in Australia.

11 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Your temperature has increased, causing you to feel hot and sweaty at times.

While you’re still in the first trimester, your emotions may continue to be a little wild and erratic. But don’t worry, they should start to calm down soon.

In only a couple of weeks, you’ll be entering the second trimester, which is usually the most enjoyable for pregnant women.

11 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

Major organs are now formed and functioning. Your baby starts to pass urine from her kidneys. She is also able to suck and swallow and tiny teeth have begun forming in gums.

Most of the time your baby is swimming and kicking around, although you still can’t feel those movements yet.

Everything your baby needs in now supplied by the placenta. Your baby’s heartbeat can now be heard with a doppler. You might like to read our article on doppler safety.

Your baby measures approximately 4cms long, weighs around 7 grams and is the size of a fig.


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