34 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body and Your Baby

At 34 weeks pregnant, you may be feeling a little anxious now. Don’t feel bad if you’re also starting to feel really ready for your pregnancy to be over. The third trimester can be really exhausting and trying for most women.

34 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

When you’re 34 weeks pregnant, all of your usual pregnancy symptoms are back. Heartburn, swollen feet and lack of sleep are common. So are haemorrhoids and constipation.

You may also start to experience blurry vision. It’s caused by a combination of sleep deprivation, hormones and fluid building up in your body. As long as you don’t have any other symptoms such as high blood pressure or protein in your urine, blurry vision can be a normal part of pregnancy. If you’d like some natural relief, natural therapies like naturopathy, acupuncture and massage can be a saviour!

The last weeks can be emotionally and physically tough for many women, but be careful not to fall for the seduction of an induction, or you may find your body taking much longer to recover than you expect, which is no fun with a newborn baby.

Labour induction is associated with a much higher risk of intervention, including c-section (this is called the cascade of interventions, because once you have one intervention, you usually need another one – like a snowball effect). You can read more here about how inductions increase the risk of c-sections.

This is because the medication used to induce you doesn’t work like the natural labour hormone, oxytocin — it doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier. It can cause the baby to become distressed, usually due to reduced blood and oxygen supply.

If your baby becomes distressed, the only option is an emergency c-section. The best way to avoid this happening is to avoid an induction altogether, unless medically necessary. Check out our article on the hidden dangers of unnecessary labour induction.

Take some time to tune into your body and baby. Your body is doing an amazing job growing your baby without much input from you, and you have innate abilities when it comes to birth as well, even if you’ve never given birth before. Your body has been designed to birth your baby. The process of labour is an incredible interaction between your body and your baby.

Remind yourself that labour is a peak performance, similar to an athlete running a marathon, and your body has all the tools inbuilt to get through. It can help to know what normal, undisturbed labour actually is, to ease your mind about coping and getting through.

34 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby

If your baby is a boy, his testicles may be descended by now. His fingernails are also growing. By the time he’s born, he may already need a manicure!

Baby is starting to be able to recognise simple songs now. If you’re not already singing to him, start doing so. Once he recognises the songs, he may react for you, too.

At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby’s weight may be as much as 2.6 kgs, and he is about 39-48 cm long.

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Last Updated: June 13, 2018


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