What Are The Signs You’re Having A Boy?

What Are The Signs You're Having A Boy?

Nine months is a long time to wait to meet somebody you’re already falling in love with.

You might be desperate to meet the baby growing in your belly.

Or perhaps you’d like a little more time to prepare for your new life as a mama.

Either way, you’ve probably already spent hours imagining what your baby will look like.

You might have compared baby photos of you and your partner, secretly deciding whose features, hair and smile you want your little one to inherit.

Above all, you’re probably desperate to know whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

You might be waiting impatiently for your 20 week scan. And even if you’ve decided not to find out before the birth, there’s probably a part of you that’s longing to know.

Even so, your friends and family are already trying to guess what you’re having. They probably have different theories and methods for working out whether your baby will be a boy or a girl.

It’s important to remember none of these methods is going to have more than a 50% chance of getting it right.

Even gender scans don’t have 100% accuracy. There are plenty of anecdotes about parents turning up at the hospital with the perfect girl’s name only to have a little boy to pop out.

The best way to determine the sex of your baby is to wait until he or she is born and take a peek. In fact, it’s really the only way to be completely sure.

If you can’t wait that long, though, you can try some other ways of determining the sex.

What Are The Signs You’re Having A Boy?

Some people think you can tell a baby’s sex by the mother’s symptoms during pregnancy. If this isn’t your first pregnancy, you are probably eagerly comparing symptoms between pregnancies in an attempt to determine the gender of this baby.

So, if you want to have some fun, take a look at this list of completely unscientific and unproven signs you’re having a boy:

#1: The Pregnancy Glow

You might not have realised this when you signed up for the pregnancy, but apparently that ‘glow’ isn’t for everybody. You’ve probably spent your whole life mistakenly assuming all pregnant women have a beautiful glow for the entire nine months. Well, it’s not true.

The word on the street is mothers who glow during pregnancy are probably expecting little boys. Yep, according to absolutely no scientific study ever done, baby boys will give you the gift of beauty during pregnancy.

If your foundation is gathering dust because your oh-so-perfect skin requires no makeup now you’re pregnant, then some people (not scientists, remember) will put money on the  chance you’ll give birth to a baby boy.

#2: Gorgeous Hair

Has pregnancy given you a head of hair to die for? Are hairdressers stopping you in the street to ask how you keep your hair so glossy and healthy?

If you have upped your selfie game, thanks to the pile of natural waves atop your head, you might be expecting a baby boy. Rumour has it a gorgeous head of hair is a sure sign there’s a boy bun cooking in your oven.

If your hair is growing faster than usual, some would say you’ll be welcoming a son very soon. Faster growing hair might sound great, but it’s not quite so exciting when it applies to all body hair. You know what’s really hard to do, when you’re heavily pregnant? Shaving your toes.

#3: Salty Cravings

You’d never believe it if you got all your pregnancy knowledge from rom-com movies, but not all women experience pregnancy cravings. If the movies are to be believed, all pregnant women crave huge buckets of ice-cream, which they eat by themselves while crying over nappy commercials.

Food cravings is a hot topic of conversation. You won’t get through many pregnancy chats without being asked whether you’ve experienced them.

People usually hope you’ll admit to having bizarre cravings for unusual food combinations. Cheese and chocolate, anyone? Gherkins on ice-cream? The weirder the better. For many women, however, pregnancy cravings tend to be a little less exciting.

If your list of pregnancy cravings features salty and savoury foods, some people would say you have a boy in your belly. Apparently, little girls give their mamas-to-be a sweet tooth, but it’s salt all the way for those expecting boys.

So if your supermarket trolley is piled high with salty crisps, frozen chips and salted popcorn, you could be expecting a son.

#4: Low Heart Rate

Your midwife will measure your baby’s heart rate at your prenatal appointment. While you’re lying on the examination table, she will use a Doppler to locate your baby’s heartbeat. Once she finds the right spot, you’ll be able to hear the whooshy heartbeat playing out of the machine.

Even the cold gel on your belly can’t ruin the magic of hearing your baby’s heartbeat. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first time you’ve heard it or the tenth; it’s always amazing to hear your unborn baby’s heart beating away inside.

You might not pay much attention to the numbers your midwife scribbles in your notes, but they could reveal whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.

Apparently, according to people who definitely aren’t scientists, baby boys are known for having slower heart rates. So, if your notes reveal a BPM (beats per minute) of 140 or less, you could be on your way to boy city.

#5: Your Rage

Some people believe your temperament during pregnancy is determined by the baby. Incidentally, this is a great excuse for your bad behaviour during pregnancy – as in ‘Sorry about when I hung up on you, it was the baby’, ‘Sorry I swore at your mum, it was the baby’, or  ‘Sorry I said I didn’t want the baby to get your hairline, it was the baby’.

Some people (again, definitely not experts) believe if pregnancy has made you ballsy (aka, a complete nightmare to be around), you might be having a boy.

Yep, if you’re being demanding, refusing to compromise and telling everyone exactly what you think, then congratulations, you sound like a bad-ass mama-to-be. Oh, and you could be having a baby boy. Apparently, it’s the testosterone that gives you that trademark ‘no-BS’ attitude.

#6: Telltale Line

The linea nigra is the dark line down the middle of your bump. The truth is, it might have been there forever, but you probably hadn’t noticed it until your pregnancy hormones made it darker. It usually appears sometime around the fifth month of pregnancy, and usually fades away in the months following the birth.

According to some, but not according to science, the linea nigra is a surefire way to be sure which side your baby is on. In other words, if the line reaches up towards your rib, it’s Team Blue.

If it stops lower down on your bump, we’re talking Team Pink. Rumour has it a broken line is also a clue you might be expecting a son.

#7: Weight Gain

Even your weight gain can be used to make a wildly uneducated guess about the baby’s sex. If people keep telling you you don’t look pregnant from behind, it could be a clue about the baby’s sex.

Apparently, mamas of boy babies only add weight to their bumps, while the rest of their bodies stay true to their pre-pregnancy shape.

To disprove this theory, all you have to do is take a quick glance around the waiting room at your midwife’s office. But life wouldn’t be any fun if we disproved all the theories, would it?

#8: Cold Feet

Do you have cold feet? Probably. You lie awake all night worrying about whether you’re really ready to be a mama, whether you’re even cut out for motherhood, and whether your relationship is strong enough to handle parenthood. Unfortunately, these worries won’t help you work out the sex of your baby. All mamas worry about impending motherhood. That’s not the kind of cold feet we’re talking about.

Do you, literally, have cold feet? The feet you should look at while you can, by the way, because pretty soon they’ll be hidden under your bump. Legend has it cold feet during pregnancy is a sign you might be expecting a boy.

#9: Dry Hands

Your feet aren’t the only appendages hiding clues to the sex of your baby. Fake news has it your hands can also reveal the sex of your unborn child.

Look at your hands. Are they silky smooth and soft, or dry and brittle as old bones? If the skin is dry, your grandma would probably be willing (but unwise) to bet her pension on the fact you’re having a boy.

#10: Carrying Low

Once you have a sizable bump, you’ll be unable to leave the house without strangers telling you what sex your baby will be.

Apparently, your bump is a crystal ball strangers can look into to predict your future. If you are carrying low, they’ll say it’s a boy tucked away in your uterus.

Looking at these so-called symptoms and signs you’re having a boy, can you predict what sex your baby will be?

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